5 Reasons why You Should Opt for a Quick House Sale

sell+house+fast_3257Are planning to sell your property and cannot wait for longer than four weeks? You can sell your house through a quick house sale in just a matter of days. There are numerous quick house sale companies that you can engage to help you sell your property fast. These companies could either buy the property or get a suitable buyer that will purchase the property in cash even when the property market is not flourishing.

Advantages of a Quick House Sale

There are many advantages of selling your house fast. They include the following:

  • You do not have to continue facing a financial crisis, as you will have quick access to finances from the sale of your property to clear your debts or even release your equity.
  • You will also not have to contend over property after a separation or divorce as you will easily sell off the property.
  • You do not have to worry about coming back to deal with issues related to the property such as electrical faults, kitchen worktops damage or the like, if you are migrating or relocating to a different country.
  • You will not have to be overwhelmed with expenses arising from illnesses or redundancy until that time when you are ready to resume work.
  • You will not have any hindrance to moving to your dream home because you no longer have to worry about the existing house.

Thus, a quick house sale is a smart way to sell property quickly without delay or stress. In addition, you will not have to bear the costs of transacting in an open property market.

Before going to quick house sale companies, you will do well to conduct a quick search on these companies on the internet as well as other information related to sell house fast such as finding a good solicitor and what the quick house sale process entails. Way you will not only know what to expect but also ensure that you seal the deal that accommodates your interests.

Choosing the Best Estate Agent

Your success in selling property begins with the identification of the best estate agent. Even then, choosing an estate agent is not an easy task, as some will use various traps to get you to sign up with them. Not only do you need to research before selecting an agent but also know the red flags that you need identify.

buy+any+house_3680Why you should Research Estate Agents

It is crucial that you take time to research on estate agents before picking the one the you will work with. Look for agents that have experience selling property similar to yours as they are likely to have a pool of potential buyers and are knowledgeable about what people prospective buyers are in interested in.

You will do well to carry out your research online, in the local newspaper as well as walk or drive around the area to see if there are other agents that are marketing properties within your neighbourhood.

Recommendations from family members, neighbours and friends are also a good as they are likely to recommend an estate agent they have worked with before are certain they are good at their trade.

Your research should not end with mere identification of an estate agent rather; ensure you visit their offices to have a practical idea of how they are committed to selling property. Thus, you could pretend to be a buyer and see how helpful they will be.

Apart from seeing the agent in action, you also need to invite them to give you a valuation of your property. This is particularly true for the three estate agents you will shortlist. While you may desire to get a good price, this should not be the only factor that you will look for as the agent with the highest valuation may have overvalued the property to win business.

So how then do you choose the best estate agent? Here are five tips to guide your search for estate agents:

  • Check that the agent professes membership to a professional body like the National Association of Estate Agents. This is important because it means that they are bound by the code of conduct hence are likely to be qualified.
  • They are able to justify their valuation. While a good agent will visit your property and offer a free valuation, the best agent will go a step further to justify the figures by using examples of similar properties they sold recently. Thus, do not let optimistic price promises mislead you if the agent has not sold any property similar to yours before.
  • They should be able to identify and confidently emphasize on major selling points. If they cannot persuade you that your home is brilliant, then it is highly likely that they will not convince potential buyers. Be sure to ask the platform on which the property will be advertised as well as how they have promoted property that is similar to yours.
  • A good estate agent will be willing to put your property in pride of place at their shop window even as the best agent advertises it in local newspapers.
  • While a good agent may simply make promises on the buyers they will attract, the best agent will have a list of prospective buyers whose profiles fit the kind of buyers that are likely to be interested in the property. Most importantly, they take time to vet the serious buyers as well as the time wasters to avoid them.
  • Check the services offered by the estate agent. You need to clearly understand the services that you expect from the estate agent from the onset. For instance, find out if they will conduct the viewings, the nature of marketing materials they will prepare, the platforms/property portals where they will advertise and if they will provide a for sale board among other things.

The search for estate agents must be taken seriously to ensure that you end up with a successful sale of your property.

How I Negotiate Estate Agent Fees

Although estate agents play a huge role when it comes to buying and selling property, the fee they charge could sometimes leave you with less than what your property is worth. As such, it is advisable that both property sellers and buyers negotiate this fee or even think of using alternative avenues of selling or buying property.

buy+any+house_6This is especially important in light of the fact that the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) the possibility of regulating estate agents and instead proposed a market shake up that will offer better deals for both sellers and buyers.

There are different ways through which buyers and sellers can cut estate agent fees. They include:

  • Shopping around for service and advice that meet your needs. This may include home information packs, mortgage advice, information about solicitors and estate agents.
  • Keeping yourself informed through the buying and selling process. You may even consider asking the agent for a direct contact with the individual that is involved in the transaction on the other side.
  • Being knowledgeable about your rights as well as the redress schemes that are available pertaining to the professionals that you will deal with so that you can be able to complain in case of a problem.
  • Consider alternative avenues of selling the property that include selling at an auction, going for a private sale and using an online estate agent.
  • Ask potential buyers to offer evidence of finances before accepting offers. This way you are guaranteed that they will pay upfront.
  • Speeding up the conveyancing process by ensuring you get all the information together on time will also help cut on the agent fees.
  • Comparing quotes from other agents will also help to shield you from agents charging high as you can either negotiate or simply go for the agent with better rates.
  • If you are buying property, ensure you have your finances in order. This will give you an upper hand when negotiating as you can provide evidence of your ability to finance the purchase.
  • Let the estate agents act on behalf of the seller as opposed to you.
  • Finally, remember the valuation of the mortgage is meant to benefit the lender as opposed to a full survey of the condition of the property therefore, consider paying for an independent survey.

Estate agent fees can have a huge implication on the value of property. Therefore, you will do well to get agents who charge a reasonable fees of avoid the fees altogether.